2021 experience calendar

On this page you can check our full 2021 calendar for driving experiences - 60 minute Classic Tasters and Full and Half Day Road Trips.


When you're ready to book you can use the link on this page to check availability and redeem your voucher.  


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60 minute experiences

these experiences are run every monday and friday march to october & the weekends below


Saturday 16th 

Sunday 17th 


Saturday 15th 

Sunday 16th


Saturday 19th 

Sunday 20th 


Saturday 17th

Sunday 18th

Saturday 24th 

Sunday 25th 


Saturday 14th 

Sunday 15th


Saturday 18th  

Sunday 19th 

Saturday 25th

Sunday 26th


Saturday 16th

Sunday 17th


Saturday 13th

Sunday 14th

half day road trips

Choose between the Cotswolds Circuit Tour and the Malvern Loop Tour.  Both provide 75 miles of driving three classic cars. CLICK HERE to find out more about these experiences.


Cotswolds Circuit - Wednesday 7th

Malvern Loop - Tuesday 13th 

Cotswolds Circuit - Thursday 15th 

Malvern Loop - Wednesday 21st

Malvern Loop - Wednesday 28th


Cotswolds Circuit  - Wednesday 5th 

Malvern Loop - Wednesday 12th

Cotswolds Circuit - Wednesday 19th

Malvern Loop - Thursday 27th


Cotswolds Circuit -  Wednesday 2nd

Malvern Loop - Wednesday 9th

Malvern Loop - Wesnesday 16th

Cotswolds Circuit - Wednesday 30th


Cotswolds Circuit - Wednesday 7th

Malvern Loop - Wednesday 14th

Cotswolds Circuit - Wednesday 21st

Malvern Loop - Wednesday 28th


Cotswolds Circuit - Wednesday 4th

Cotswolds Circuit - Saturday 7th 

Malvern Loop - Wednesday 11th

Cotswolds Circuit - Wednesday 18th

Malvern Loop - Wednesday 25th 


Cotswolds Circuit - Wednesday 1st

Malvern Loop - Wednesday 15th

Cotswolds Circuit - Wednesday 22nd

Malvern loop - Wednesday 28th 


Cotswolds Circuit - Wednesday 6th

Malvern Loop - Wednesday 20th

Cotswolds Circuit - Wednesday 27th

full day standard road trips

Our Standard Full Day Road Trips provide 110 miles of driving in five classic cars.  Choose between the Drop Top Tour, Cotswolds Highlights Tour, Sports Car Tour & Jaguar Driving Day.  CLICK HERE to discover more about these road trips.


Cotswolds Highlights Tour - Tuesday 6th

Jaguar Driving Day - Thursday 8th

Cotswolds Highlights Tour - Wednesday 14th

Sports Car Tour - Tuesday 20th

Cotewolds Highlights Tour - Thursday 22nd

Jaguar Driving Day - Tuesday 27th


Drop Top Tour - Tuesday 4th May

Cotswolds Highlights Tour - Thursday 6th

Sports Car Tour - Tuesday 18th

Drop Top Tour - Wednesday 26th 

Jaguar Driving Day - Saturday 29th 


Sports Car Tour - Tuesday 1st 

Cotswolds Highlights Tour - Thursday 3rd

Drop Top Tour - Tuesday 8th

Jaguar Driving Day - Tuesday 15th

Sports Car Tour - Thursday 17th

Cotswolds Highlights Tour - Thursday 24th

Drop Top Tour - Saturday 26th


Jaguar Driving Day - Thursday 1st

Cotswolds Highlights Tour - Tuesday 6th 

Drop Top Tour - Tuesday 13th

Jaguar Driving Day - Thursday 15th

Sports Car Day - Tuesday 20th

Drop Top Tour - Tuesday 27th 

Cotswolds Highlights Tour - Thursday 29th


Sports Car Tour - Tuesday 3rd

Cotswolds Highlights Tour - Thursday 5th

Jaguar Driving Day - Tuesday 10th

Jaguar Driving Day - Thursday 12th

Cotswolds Highlights Tour - Tuesday 17th

Sports Car Tour - Tuesday 24th

Cotswolds Highlights Tour - Thursday 26th 


Cotswolds Highlights Tour - Thursday 2nd

Jaguar Driving Day Tuesday 14th

Sports Car Tour - Thursday 16th

Cotswolds Highlights Tour - Tuesday 21st

Jaguar Driving Day - Wednesday 29th

Cotswolds Highlights Tour - Thursday 30th


Sports Car Tour - Tuesday 12th

Jaguar Driving Day - Thursday 14th

Cotswolds Highlights Tour - Tuesday 19th

Jaguar Driving Day - Thursday 21st

Cotswolds Highlights Tour - Thursday 28th

full day premium road trips

Choose between the Morgan Factory Tour and 180 mile Break For The Border road trips.  CLICK HERE to find out more. 


Break For The Border - Saturday 24th

Morgan Factory Tour - Thursday 29th 


Morgan Factory Tour - Thursday 13th

Break For The Border - Thursday 20th


Morgan Factory Tour - Thursday 10th

Break For The Border - Tuesday 22nd

Morgan Factory Tour - Tuesday 29th


Morgan Factory Touor - Thursday 8th


Morgan Factory Tour - Thursday 19th

Break For The Border - Saturday 21st


Break For The Border - Saturday 11th

Break For The Border - Thursday 23rd


Morgan Factory Tour - Tuesday 5th

Break For The Border - Saturday 9th

Break For The Border - Thursday 26th