Insurance waiver

reduce the risk with our exclusive insurance waiver for all experience

Our standard insurance excess is £1,000.

Although, unlike some companies, we don't take this money from you before your hire, we recognise that not everyone is comfortable carrying this risk.  So we've created an exclusive Collision Damage Insurance Waiver policy that you can add to any of our experiences for one simple, low cost payment.

The insurance excess applies in any instance of damage where we cannot claim against a third party.  It only applies to our cars and only where they are on hire from us.  The Waiver reduces the insurance excess to zero in most instances.  The Waiver is, of course, not a licence to mistreat our cars.  So there are exceptions.  These are where the car has been damaged because it was driven outside the Highway Code rules or damage caused by careless driving or static objects.  You can find out more in our Terms & Conditions.

The Waiver applies per driver.  So if there are two or more drivers, you will need a Waiver for each one. 

To take out the policy just select the one for your experience and bring proof of purchase with you when you arrive for our drive.  Or call 01527 893733 and we can process this for you by phone.

collision damage insurance waiver