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5 of Our Favourite Driving Roads

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

If you can't get out in our cars then we'll try to enable the next best thing: bring you a flavour of the experience.

Our road trips are not only about the cars. They're about the carefully curated routes we create to enable customers to really enjoy and exercise them.

We normally run 3 road trips a week along with several taster experiences.  So we've got to know our local roads very well.  Here are our favourites - you can sample all of them on our driving experiences.

In the current lockdown we can't recommend you drive them now. Savour and remember them now for when the good times return. And they will.

1. A483 Penybont to Newtown

When I originally reccied this road for our Break For The Border road trip several years ago I burnt out the brakes on my Saab.  It's that good. The 23 miles are like a great classical symphony, starting quietly and gently and building to a crescendo of hair-raising bends that require attention and skill.  The scenery is magical, the traffic volumes low and the distance just right.  It's such a good road we incorporate it into several of our road trips.

Experience it on our Break For The Border road trips.

2. A44 & A424 Evesham to Stow

The start of this 16 mile stretch is not particularly encouraging.  But once you've cleared the roundabouts and dawdlers you've got an uninterrupted two-lane blast up Fish Hill, a hill climb masquerading as an A road. It's steep, sharp and fun, before topping out on the beautiful 5 mile drive, a straight tree-lined section that has echoes of France. Then it's along the top to Stow via the fast and scenic A424.  Great fun.

Experience it on our Cotswolds Highlights Tour road trip.

3. B4520 Buith to Brecon

Even in a diesel Kia towing a classic car in pursuit of several enthusiast customers, this is a gem.  Provided you watch out for the wandering sheep you'll emerge steeply and unscathed onto a desolate moorland road that meanders and weaves before dropping down to Brecon.  It's a joy, particularly when the sun is low and the wind has dropped.

Experience it on our Welsh Triangle road trip.

4. B4203 Great Witley to Bromyard

This must be a great road because it passes the excellent Shelsley Walsh hill climb.   But there is very little time to savour the motoring heritage on this twisting rollercoaster of a road as it bucks and ducks around the lovely Worcestershire countryside.  It's also quiet, which means you're rarely stuck behind anyone.  We love it.

Experience it on our Break For The Border and Malvern Loop road trips

5. A4113 & A488 Bromfield to Penybont

For 32 miles this combination of roads is all about leaving the busy world behind.  It may be A roads but it's quiet, endlessly scenic and gradually opens out into countryside and more countryside.  There are even wandering sheep towards the end.  Whether you want to push on or just sit back, this road has it all.

Experience it on our Break For The Border road trip


Road Trips

We run eight different road trips, including half day and full day experiences.  Each one is available to drivers and passengers and includes everything you need for a great day out.  Prices start at just £149 per driver.  Find out more here or call 01527 893733.

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