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Book With Confidence in 2022

If you've been listening to the news over the last few days then you might be sighing and wondering 'here we go again.' There's a new COVID-19 variant and we're facing changes to how we go about our daily lives.

I want to reassure customers that when you choose a Great Driving Day experience you can book it with confidence.

Here's why.

1. We're Good To Go

We operate to the hospitality industry's stringent Good To Go standard, which sets out strict procedures for businesses such as ours that provide tourism services. We continuously monitor our delivery of these standards.

2. The 'Bubble' Principle

Every one of our driving experiences operates on the COVID 'Bubble' principle: you only share a car with someone from your bubble of family and friends. So when you are in the confines of the car, you're only with people you already know and likely travelled with to our site.

Where our experiences involve stopping for lunch or refreshments, we only work with establishments that meet the Good To Go standard.

3. Customer COVID Declarations

All customers are required to complete COVID declarations before their experience and we undertake thermometer spot checks. We ensure there are no consequences or penalties to cancelling and rebooking, so that customers can declare their COVID status honestly.

3. Vehicle Cleansing

Before and after every customer interaction with our vehicles the car is thoroughly cleaned using cleansing materials capable of combating COVID. At the end of each day the cars are cleaned again, ready for the following day.

4. Low Risk Experiences

Each of our experiences is low risk for COVID because:

  • No large groups: maximum group size of 10 at any time

  • They take place outside or in COVID Bubble spaces - no assembling inside except for refreshment/lunch stops

  • COVID 'Bubble' principle inside each car

  • Rigorous vehicle cleansing regime

5. Rebook or Extend Your Voucher

If COVID affects your booking you can rebook or extend your voucher for a further 6 months at no cost. Just let us know at least 48 hrs before your experience.

If you have any concerns about COVID and your driving experience, contact us on 01527 893733, via the Chat box on our website or email info@greatdrivingdays.co.uk.

Stay save and thank you for considering Great Driving Days for your classic driving experience.


Graham Eason, Great Driving Days, 01527 893733

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