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Break For The Burgers

The Midlands is not exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to motoring themed destinations. But when another one, and one that seemed a little different, opened up nearby we had to find out more.

Caffeine & Machine opened in autumn 2018. Until then there was really only one mecca for fans of food and cars, the historic Ace Cafe in London. Caffeine & Machine took that simple idea - a conveniently placed road house for fans of wheeled vehicles, brought it to the Midlands and gave it a little twist. Caff & Mac, as it's become known, is modern and stylish where the Ace Cafe is retro and historic. It's a pub, but with a motoring twist. The menu is simple but delicious - burgers are their speciality - the atmosphere laid back but carefully curated and there is always something interesting in the car park.

It's popularity has gone stratospheric - in just 12 months it's become a go-to destination for car and bike fanatics and at weekends it is packed.

The venue is run by Dan and Phil, who are genuine petrolheads. Well, they;d have to be. After chatting to them and sampling the food we decided to test out the venue with our Media Day in March 2019. If Caffeine & Machine could cope with 40 journalists, they could manage our customers.

The Media Day was a pretty tall order as it required all the food to be ready, in the venue's separate teepee, on time and at the same time. The organisation and the food were excellent so we made the decision to switch our Cotswolds Highlights Tour to stop at C&M for lunch.

We now stop at Caff&Mac nearly every week from March to October. The service is always great and customer feedback is consistently very positive. The venue fits well with our motoring theme and, for many customers, they've heard about C&M, but never been. This is their chance.

Caffeine & Machine is the lunch stop on our full day Cotswolds Highlights Tour. To find out more call 01527 893733 or click here.

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