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COVID Update: 10th September

On 9th September the Government announced a tightening of the rules governing social gatherings. The new rules limit social gatherings to groups of six.

We've studied the Guidance to understand how this affects you and what we do at Great Driving Days. We've also spoken to industry organisations like Visit England to check our understanding of the new rules.

We have already been operating to the Government 'best practice' guidance, which informally limited gatherings to groups of no more than six. The new rules enforce the 'best practice' guidance of social groups of no more than six. As the Government has said, it is aimed at informal social gatherings - such as family barbeques and social occasions - rather than organised events, where companies such as ours already have procedures in place to manage COVID response.

However, we have stilled reviewed what we do and updated our guidance for customers.

Does it affect your driving experience?

The majority of our driving experiences do not involve groups of six or more. For example, our Taster and Road Trip experiences work on the 'family bubble' principle where you do not drive the car with anyone else except friends and family members in the car. All cars are sanitised before and after each customer experience.

Where several customers may assemble at one time - such as waiting for a Taster drive or for Road Trip car changeovers, we have the space and the procedures to manage interaction carefully. At no point is anyone allowed to assemble in a group of six or more.

All of our road trips observe the 2 metre distancing rule. Where there are points of interaction outside the cars - on arrival, at car changeovers and refreshment stops - we do not allow anyone to assemble in a group of six or more. At lunch and refreshment stops all customers must sit in 'family bubbles' - not on shared tables.

The advice we have received is that these measures fully conform to the new Government regulations.

Your Right to Change

We recognise that while our procedures and activities conform to Government regulations, everyone has a different response to them. So if you feel uncomfortable about having your driving experience with us, we're happy to reschedule this for you at no cost. If you wish to reschedule please give us at least 14 days notice to enable us to do this for you at no cost. For all experiences up to and including 24th September we will reschedule at no cost if notified by 15th September.

Call, Chat or Email

These are difficult times for everyone. We're available to answer any questions you have by phone on 01527 893733, email on info@greatdrivingdays.co.uk or the Chat function on this website.

Our priority is to provide an safe, enjoyable and memorable experience.

You can read our latest COVID guidance here or click on the image below.


Great Driving Days. 01527 893733. info@greatdrivingdays.co.uk

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