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COVID Update: 5th January 2021

We could all be forgiven for a looming sense of deja vu as we start another lockdown. As the new restrictions arrive we've updated our advice for customers. This advice is an update to our existing guidance, which we've summarised below, but which you can read about in more detail here.


If you hold a Great Driving Days voucher it is automatically valid for 18 months rather than the standard 12 months. It is backed by our Voucher Guarantee - if COVID prevents you having your driving experience on the day you've booked, we'll rebook it for you completely free of charge. Just let us know at least 48 hrs beforehand. We will also extend your voucher beyond 18 months if COVID prevents you using it.

We recommend that you try to book a date before your voucher expires. That way we have a paper trail that we can refer to if the voucher needs to be extended.

These arrangements only apply to vouchers bought directly from us. If you hold a voucher from a 3rd party reseller - such as Red Letter Days - you will need to contact them to discuss their own arrangements.

However: whether you bought from us directly or indirectly, our principle is the same. We want you to get your voucher experience. And we know our experience partners, like Red Letter Days, feel the same.

Booking Your Experience

Life may be up in the air right now but we strongly recommend that if you have a voucher for one of our experiences - whether directly from us or via a reseller - you should book a date now. When lockdown restrictions were eased in July 2020 our most popular experiences were fully booked for the remaining season within two weeks.

We are currently planning to run experiences from 1st April 2021, just in time for Easter. If that changes, we'll update our Magazine here.

With our Voucher Guarantee you can book your experience and cancel it due to COVID completely free of charge and without obligation. But once it is booked we have a paper trail we can use to extend your voucher.

The same applies for vouchers from third party resellers - if you want them to extend your voucher, we recommend having a paper trail that shows that you have tried to use it.

COVID Compliance

When restrictions allow we'll be running all of our experiences in line with our established COVID Compliance Rules. These rules fully comply with the hospitality industry's Good To Go industry standard, which we hold.

You can read about our COVID procedures here. To protect our staff and other customers, we provide your experience on the basis that you agree to comply with these procedures.


The best way to keep in touch with our latest COVID updates is to sign up to our email service. It's simple, we only ask for basic personal details and we don't spam you. CLICK HERE to sign up.

Our priority is to put you behind the wheel of a great classic car. Or several. That's why we do what we do. So if you're unsure about anything or have any questions, just let us know. We're on email at info@greatdrivingdays.co.uk, phone at 01527 893733 or use the Chat box on this website.

We look forward to life getting back to normal in 2021 and to seeing you when it does. In the meantime, very best wishes from the team here at Great Driving Days.

Graham Eason, Great Driving Days. 01527 893733

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