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E10 Fuel & Our Fleet

On 1st September 2021 the Government is changing the amount of ethanol in regular unleaded (95 Octane) petrol to create the new 'E10' grade of fuel. Although the Government claims that 95% of cars are compatible with this new fuel, most classic cars are not compatible.

We've checked our fleet and listed below the cars that are compatible with and not compatible with the new fuel. When you hire one of our cars it is very important that you check which fuel is compatible otherwise you risk serious damage to the car.

Fortunately, most of our experiences do not require you to refuel the car - it's usually included in the price and we do that for you. But when you hire one of our cars as part of a package that requires you to refuel the car - such as our Daily Hire experiences - when you return the car we will ask you to provide the receipt for the fuel refill. If you have not refuelled with the correct fuel you may be liable for any consequential damage to the car. Such damage is not covered by your insurance with us. To avoid any confusion, each of our cars carries a sticker indicating which fuel to use.

The following cars are E10 compatible

Jaguar XJR, Jaguar XK8, BMW Z3, Porsche Boxster

The following cars must use Super Unleaded ONLY:

Jaguar E Type, Jaguar Mk2, MGB GT, Mercedes SLK, Alfa Romeo Spider Series 4, Jaguar XJS, MAzda MX5, Ford Capri

If you are unsure of which fuel to use, please contact us on 01527 893733 or info@greatdrivingdays.co.uk or ask us when you collect the car.


Graham Eason, Great Driving Days, 01527 893733

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