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New Classics Added to Fleet

There was a time when all we did was old classic cars. They looked great, they smelt amazing and they still do. We still have them. We'll always have classics like MGBs, E Types and Mk2s because they're perennial.

But we've evolved and so have our customers too. You tell us you want to drive great cars, cars you wouldn't otherwise be able to drive. The cars don't have to just be old classics - in fact you'd rather some of them weren't as they can be pretty tiring to drive after an hour or so.

We've been listening. That's why over the last couple of years we've been adding more modern cars like the Jaguar XJR and XK8 and Porsche Boxster. These cars still provide the same sense of occasion as the older cars but they're much easier and relaxing to drive. Which makes our Road Trips much more fun.

To make it onto our fleet a car needs to be distinctive, interesting and good to drive. It also needs to fit our mix of cars - we want a mix of GT cruisers, out and out classics, sporting soft tops and quick saloons. And anything else in-between.

We're on the lookout constantly for new cars to add to the fleet that reflect these requirements. And luckily for 2022 we've hit the motherload: some really great cars are now nudging into the 'modern classic' territory - rather than just being old cars - and so they're ready to add to our fleet. Cars like the MX5, Mercedes SLK and BMW Z3. Fun, great looking and enjoyable cars.

Here's a list of the new cars we've added for 2022 - and below some more details on each one.

  • Jaguar XJ8 4 litre Long wheelbase saloon

  • Mazda MX5 Mk2

  • Alfa Romeo Spider 2 litre 916 convertible

  • BMW Z3 2.8

  • Mercedes SLK AMG

Mazda MX5

We've already added a MX5 to our fleet, which you will be able to hire from August. It's a Mk2 with the 1.8 litre engine, manual gearbox and some nice 'special edition' styling details not found on the standard models.

Mercedes SLK

For July we are adding an original Mercedes SLK convertible like the one below. These are superb cars with good handling, decent performance and an unusual folding hardtop. Although most SLKs are automatics we've found a rare manual - so you can genuinely engage with this great little car.


Next on our list is a BMW Z3. Although a couple of hire companies have already added these retro styled convertibles to their fleets, we've taken our time to find exactly the car we want. Unlike them, we had to have more than 140 bhp and four cylinders so we've gone for a 2.8 litre straight six. The 2.8 is the engine the Z3 always needed and we're looking forward to getting customers behind the wheel of this sweet-handling, neatly styled modern classic.

Alfa Romeo Spider

For 2022 we will be adding an early Alfa Romeo 916 Spider Twin Spark. These great cars ably carry on the tradition established by the original Spider in the 1960s and the car will be a great complement to our existing Series 4 105 Spider.

Jaguar XJ8 LWB

The lovely XJ8 X300 was the last throw of the dice for the classic shape of XJ Jaguar saloon. We wanted one to complement our existing fleet of five classic Jags because the XJ8 adds extra luxury plus the sinuous whoosh of Jaguar's brilliant 4 litre V8. The picture above is an indication as our car is currently in our workshop being readied for 2022. Our car is an early XJ8 finished in a lovely deep metallic purple - when it was new it was the best XJ available - a posh Sovereign model and with the long wheelbase, which adds 4 inches extra room to enable passengers to feel like minor Royalty.

All of these cars will be available to drive on our popular Classic Taster 60 Minute experiences and our Road Trips. You can find out more here or call 01527 893733.


Graham Eason, Great Driving Days, 01527 893733

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