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Extended Vouchers Are Back

It's the season of giving so we've decided to bring back our extended vouchers. When you buy a gift voucher from us it will be valid for 18 months. And backed by our unique COVID Voucher Guarantee.

Our Voucher Guarantee means you can rebook free of charge if COVID prevents your trip. Or we'll extend the voucher for a further 6 months if you've tried to book and been cancelled due to COVID and can't rebook before the expiry.

The new voucher extension is also being applied retrospectively: if you've bought a voucher from us since 1st October inclusive, it is automatically extended by 6 months.

The voucher extension and guarantee are part of our ongoing response to the COVID situation. We recognise that the new Omicron variant and increased response controls are worrying. Although our experiences all take place outdoors and in 'family bubble' units, we want to do whatever we can to make customers feel comfortable.

If you're considering one of our vouchers, here are a few reasons why it's a low risk gift choice:

  1. No queues - you arrive, get the keys and go. We minimise waiting around

  2. No big groups - our maximum group size is 10 & we operate strict social distancing. Our 60 Minute Taster experiences do not involve groups

  3. Family Bubble principle - it's just you & your choice of passengers in the car. No instructors, no people you don't know

  4. All cars are sanitised pre and post hire & during our Road Trips at all driver changeovers

  5. Every customer has to complete a COVID declaration before hire & we undertake on-site spot temperature checks

  6. Vouchers are valid for 18 months & backed by our Voucher Guarantee

We are a small business and customers matter. We're doing everything we can to ensure we do what we do from your perspective.

If you have any questions about our COVID response, our vouchers or any other aspect of what we do, feel free to ask us in the Chat box on this site, call 01527 893733 or email info@greatdrivingdays.co.uk.

Thank you for considering Great Driving Days.


Graham Eason, Great Driving Days. 01527 893733

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