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Extra E Type Experience Dates Released

Our E Type 60 Minute experiences are proving extremely popular again this year, with the car fully booked until August. So we have released new weekday dates to ensure that anyone who has a voucher to drive this car on our Classic Taster experiences, gets the chance.

The new dates are 4th, 18th and 31st August and 21st September. Slots are available throughout the day on these new dates to drive the car. But we expect them to go fast - so if you have a voucher we recommend booking as soon as possible.

All of our driving experiences are proving extremely popular this year, but we do have available towards the end of the season in August and September. We will continue to monitor demand and, where we can, release new dates for the most popular experiences.

As always, if you are struggling to find a suitable date for your experiences please contact us via Whatsapp, Chat, email (info@greatdrivingdays.co.uk) or call 01527 893733. The Chat and Whatsapp links are available on the website.


Graham Eason, Great Driving Days, 01527 893733

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