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Fathers Day: Save 24% Now

Fathers Day 2022 is fast approaching. June 19th to be specific. After all the tough times we thought it's about time we celebrated a relationship that is central to most of our lives. Dads.

Earlier this year I lost my dad, and that brought home to me how important Dads are. So until June 19th you can claim 24% off any driving experience using the code DAD24 online. We've also held our prices despite the significant increase in our costs. Buy online or by phone on 01527 893733.

Our classic car experiences have been designed to share. Although we do offer traditional classic car hire our aim over the last few years has been to develop experiences that add something extra to driving an old car. They are all based around the idea of sharing the experience, whether that's with friends and partners or between lads and dads. There is something unique, intimate and truly memorable about sharing a drive in a great classic car.

As well as developing packages to share we've aimed to make classic car hire more affordable. So prices start at under £50. And on most of our experiences you won't pay extra to bring along passengers.

There are four ways to drive, all of which follow a simple principle: they only take place on public roads (no windswept airfields) and they don't include nannying instructors (just you, the car, your passengers and the open road):

  • Classic Tasters - 60 minute driving experiences over 20 miles. Passengers go free and prices start at £49

  • Multi-car Road Trips - full and half day driving experiences over 60-200 mile routes, swapping cars as you go. Passengers can be added from £80. Prices start at £199

  • Driving Trails - single car full and half day driving experiences with a choice of guided routes from 60-100 miles with fuel included. Passengers go free. From £149.

  • Daily Hire - traditional classic car hire by the day, Passengers go free, prices from £199.

To find out more about our Fathers Day offers CLICK HERE. We're also available on 01527 893733, info@greatdrivingdays.co.uk or via the Chat or Whatsapp buttons on the sidebar.


Graham Eason, Great Driving Days. 01527 893733

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