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Five Things We Love About… The Malverns

The Malvern Hills, pressed up against the edge of Wales, is a part of the country often forgotten and overlooked. Unless you’ve seen the Hills as you pass by on the M5, wondering exactly what this odd mini mountain range is, the chance are you may never even have heard of them.

The Malvern Hills, a short drive from our Worcestershire base, is one of our favourite places. It’s also popular with locals, who recognise in its unusual blend of scenery and bygone era charm a unique places to unwind and relax.

You can visit the Malverns from our base as part of a short break or one of our full or half day Road Trips.

Here are five things we love about the area.

The Views

The Malverns provides panoramic views (Photo: Wired For Adventure)

Few other hills are as easily accessible and require as minimal effort to enjoy proper 360 degree views as the Malverns. The local roads take you most of the way up, leaving a short 20 minute stroll to get to the top of one of several peaks.

Once there you get a view that can only be described as panoramic. It’s the full 360 - from the flat plain of the Vale of Evesham in the east to the rolling scenery of the Welsh Mountains to the west. It is, quite simply, stunning.

Malvern Town

Malvern town combines steep climbs with old worlde charm

The Victorians came for the spa water and built a town to enjoy it. Visit today and you might wonder if you’ve gone back there in time - Malvern has a relaxed, bygone charm that feels from another era. But it’s not all olde worlde character - alongside the old fashioned department stores are an eclectic mix of busy independent shops and cafes. But bring your boots - the town is right on the hillside and the main street is steep!

The Road

Great - and varied - views to the west and east

Snaking up, over and along the Malverns is arguably one of the loveliest and most scenic roads in Britain. It may not quite rival the winding coastal roads of Italy‘s Amalfi coast - there’s no sea for one thing - but it gets about as close as you can without leaving Britain.

The road winds and weaves along and around the Hills, providing stunning views that vary considerably from east to west. The added advantage is that there isn’t a lot of traffic and the speed limit is low so you have no excuse for just slowing down and enjoying the panoramas.

The Cafes

The Malverns’ overlooked status on the tourist trail is reflected in its cafes: there aren’t many. But the ones it has are superb. The wonderfully named Kettle Sings cafe, on the west side, is our top choice, an unassuming, hidden away stop with absolutely amazing views. Come for the coffee, stay for the panorama. The food is also really good. It’s popular with locals so be sure to arrive early.

The kiosk beside British Camp is popular with walkers and well worth a stop for great locally made cakes and ice cream.


The joy of The Malverns is that you don’t have to love walking or be particularly fit to enjoy walking them. The road and conveniently placed car parks take you most of the way up and then it’s just a gentle ascent to the peaks. There’s even a smooth tarmac path to get you there.

Despite all this help the Hills are never over-run, meaning you can enjoy the views without the crowds.

If you’re disabled there is an excellent service at Cafe H20 that hires out an offroad wheelchair that enables you to get right to the top. Find out more here.

If you fancy a trip to The Malverns, feel free to get in touch - we’re happy to help you plan your trip.


Graham Eason, Great Driving Days, 01527 893733

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