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Fuel 'Crisis' Update 27.09.21

The fuel crisis that wasn't a crisis but is now a crisis has unfortunately affected our ability to run our classic car driving experiences this week. We always review early so that we can give you as much notice as possible about issues affecting your experience.

Unfortunately we will have to cancel the Road Trips on Wednesday 29th September and Thursday 30th September. We will be reviewing experiences from Friday 1st to Monday 4th on Tuesday (28th September).

I know from personal experience how upsetting such changes are and we don't make them lightly. But we simply cannot get enough fuel before these experiences to enable our cars to collectively cover the 1,000+ miles involved with delivering them. We would rather notify customers early than hedge our bets and delay, likely making the same decision but much later and with more upset and frustration for customers.

We don't want to cancel experiences because it costs us money and inconveniences people. But you may wonder if we could have planned ahead for this. Unfortunately not. We have an active fleet of 10 cars, with 4-5 other cars in various states of repair and maintenance at any one time. On Thursday we ran a 200 mile Road Trip involving 7 of these cars and two more were on hire with customers over the weekend. On Thursday evening, when the cars returned, we bought around 200 litres of fuel to refuel cars ready for experiences on Friday and Monday. Over the weekend we were unable to refuel cars due to very lengthy queues at local stations, the closure of three quarters of the local stations and limits imposed on refuelling by the remaining stations.

On Monday morning we checked our local fuel stations - still closed or restricting fuel - and spoke to staff at those that were open. They advised that they were likely to run out of fuel by mid morning and were not expecting new stocks before Wednesday or Thursday.

We could have waited to see how the situation evolved on Tuesday. But this would have meant notifying you very late in the day. Faced with these circumstances, we decided that notifying you as soon as possible of cancellation was preferable to risking a late call. We also recognise that some customers may have problems getting fuel to travel to us. Or suffer unnecessary stress trying to get fuel in order to do so.

If you have an experience booked on Wednesday or Thursday, we will contact you. If you have an experience booked from Friday to Monday (1st to 4th October), we will review this on Tuesday. However, you are free to email us at info@greatdrivingdays.co.uk and rearrange your experience at no cost.

I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience and upset this may cause but hope you appreciate the circumstances we find ourselves in and our decision to call this early to minimise disruption.

Thanks for your custom and I hope to see you soon.

Graham Eason, Great Driving Days, 01527 893733

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