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How Our Road Trips Work

Our multi-car road trips are one of the most popular ways for customers to experience our fleet. But the format is unique to us, which means that not everyone immediately grasps how they work.

This short article is a quick and simple guide to fix that.

1. The Stages & The Cars

Every one of our road trips is split into stages - three for the Half Day, five for the Full Day routes. Each stage lasts 20-30 miles or 45-60 minutes of driving. At the end of each stage the drivers gather and swap cars. So every driver experiences 3 or 5 cars, depending on the length of road trip.

2. Drivers & Passengers

The road trips are based on two people per car. Generally this is a driver and a passenger, but if you come on your own you may be paired with another driver. You'll stay with this pairing throughout the day.

3. Navigating

We take a deliberately old-school approach to route navigation. So there are no satnavs in our cars - just clear, detailed route books. We find that customers prefer this because it encourage interaction between driver and passenger and makes the trip more engaging. Plus it suits the character of the drive.

We can provide a satnav if you want it and we do provide 'Postcode Cheats' so that you can use your phone or the satnav to get you to the end of the stage.

Every route book is very clearly set out so that it is easy to follow. We road test our routes constantly and adapt the books based on customer feedback. We haven't lost a car yet...

4. Car Selection

We always put a range of cars on every road trip. These will include popular models like the Healey and E Type plus other examples from from our 20-car range. We've learnt that not everyone wants to drive old cars without power steering or ABS for 100-200 miles so we also ensure there are cars on the day that are more relaxing and easier to drive.

If you have a specific car request, we'll do our best to accommodate you - just let us know in advance. But with several people on every tour we hope you can appreciate that it is not always possible to do this.

The first car you drive is drawn randomly out of a hubcap. Successive cars are then allocated to everyone in order. If you wish to swap cars with another driver we'll help make that possible.

We usually limit numbers to 5 cars and 10 guests so that everyone gets to drive all five cars. Where we occasionally have more people on the day - and so more cars - we provide time at the end for drivers to take out any car they haven't driven.

5. Management

Every road trip is accompanied by an Event Manager. They manage the experience from the start to the finish, following along behind the cars in a support vehicle with a spare car (you can never be too careful with classic cars).

6. Breakdowns

Old cars occasionally like to do their old car thing. But this happens surprisingly rarely on our road trips, mainly because we employ two full time mechanics to keep the cars reliable and on the road.

On the rare occasions when we do have a problem with a car, we'll get to you as quickly as possible and switch you to the spare car that we always travel with.

7. Practical Stuff

We stop for lunch on the full day trips and afternoon tea on the half day tours. Where possible we try to stop at places where you can stretch your legs and where there are toilet facilities. But these are not guaranteed at every stop.

8. Paperwork

Before your experience we'll send you an information sheet about the day and links to the paperwork you need to complete before you arrive. Please make sure you read this carefully - without the right documents you may not be able to drive.

Our insurance carries a £1,000 excess. We offer an optional waiver policy that reduces this to zero except where the car is abused or driven outwith the Highway Code. You can buy this on the day or in advance for £30 per driver.

We really want you to enjoy our driving days. Hopefully this article has given you a flavour. In the film below you can listen to previous customers talking about their road trip experiences. If you have any questions feel free to email us at info@greatdrivingdays.co.uk or cal 01527 893733.

Graham Eason, Great Driving Days. 01527 893733

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