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Jaguar XJ8 Joins The Fleet

Our customers love Jaguars, which is why we have more on our fleet than any other marque - so many that, it turns out, we have the largest classic Jaguar hire fleet in the UK. Now we've extended it again.

The latest addition to our hire fleet is a super-smooth Jaguar XJ8. It's the top-of-the-range Sovereign version and a long wheelbase model to boot - rear seat passengers get the sort of legroom usually reserved for limousines. And under the bonnet is Jaguar's lovely 4 litre V8, pumping out nearly 300 bhp.

The Great Driving Days XJ8 is finished in beautiful Amaranth metallic with a biscuit leather interior.

The XJ8's combination of unruffled luxury travel and serious performance is one of the reasons this model is considered amongst the best of all the XJ variants dating back to the original of 1968. We already have a 6 cylinder XJR on our fleet but felt the XJ8 does something very different that will add to our experiences.

As with all of our cars, the XJ8 is available to hire by the day, weekend, week or even by the hour. Prices start at just £49. It will also be available to drive on our multi-car Road Trips, including our unique Jaguar-themed drives.

To find out more about hiring the Jaguar XJ8 click here.

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