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New 2021 Driving Experiences

At Great Driving Days we like to look forwards. Not just because that's where the windscreen is but because in years like the one we've just had, it feels like the only right and proper thing to do.

So we're looking forward to 2021. And we've been busy dreaming up new driving experiences to ensure it really is a year to actually look forward to. These are entirely new classic car experiences and you can only get them from us.

The new products are available to buy online. CLICK HERE for more details.

Here are a few of the changes..

New Road Trips

For 2021 we have revamped all of our Road Trips so if you've driven with us before, your next drive will be different. We've also added completely new routes that combine more of our favourite roads, roads that as always really suit the cars on our fleet.

There are also new Road Trips. The full day Sports Car Tour mixes five of our most sporting cars - like the E Type, Boxster, X1/9 and Alfa Spider - on a brand new 100 mile tour through the Cotswolds. The full day Drop Top Tour does something similar but only with convertibles (plus an E Type) - it's a real chance to blast away the COVID blues.

Finally there's our half day E Type Evolution Road Trip that puts you behind the wheel of the cars the E Type inspired, the XJS and XK8, plus of course an E Type. You'll drive all three over a 70 mile route over the Malvern Hills.

All of our Road Trips are undertaken in a COVID-secure environment. No group mixing and a 'family bubble' approach to car allocation: you only travel in the car with the people you arrived with and already know.

New 60 Minute Tasters

During the second half of 2020 the popularity of our 60 Minute Experiences exploded as customers valued this COVID-secure way to experience classic cars. Unlike track day experiences you don't share the car with an instructor, only with the passengers you choose to bring with you. We also carefully manage customers to ensure you will never be in a group waiting to drive.

For 2021 we've added more 60 Minute Experiences. Click on the links to find out more:

Our 60 Minute Experiences are based on the simple idea that the first 60 minutes in a classic are the most exhilarating and memorable. Whichever package you choose, from one car to multi-car, you get 60 Minutes in each car over a choice of quiet, country routes. Passengers, fuel and insurance are all included.

Driving Trails

If you want a longer experience in one car then our Full and Half Day Driving Trails have been designed to do exactly like. Unlike traditional classic car hire, where you turn up, collect the keys and then wonder where to go in an area you're probably not familiar with, Driving Trails do everything for you. Choose your car, choose your route and head off. Fuel, insurance and passengers are all included.

Each Driving Trail follows a carefully curated route of 70-110 miles depending on the length of the experience. The routes are very easy to follow and include descriptions of the places you'll visit and suggestions for lunch and refreshments. They are fully COVID compliant as you travel in your own 'family bubble.'

Our Voucher Guarantee

At Great Driving Days we realise that times are a little uncertain. So we've added in some extra features to every voucher to help ensure that whatever COVID has up its sleeve, you will always get your drive.

When you buy a Great Driving Days voucher you get:

  • 18 months in which to use the voucher

  • Free rebooking if COVID prevents you taking your experience on the booked date

  • 24-7 online availability check and booking service

We want you to get a chance to drive our cars and we'll do everything reasonably possible to help make that happen.

To find out more about our products, including special offers, click here. Or call 01527 893733 or use the Chat box on this page.

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