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New advice films: get to know our cars

Hiring a classic car means anticipation and, for some, not a little nervousness.  As new cars get newer, old cars get older - and, inevitably, less familiar.

At Great Escape Cars we want to take the fear out of hiring - because fear gets in the way of enjoyment.  So, besides offering four unique ways to hire plus an exclusive Insurance Waiver policy, we've created a series of 24 films that explain what hiring a classic car is all about.

The new films cover the main points to be aware of when hiring a classic car - from the brakes to the steering to the visibility.  They help hirers prepare for what to expect.  We've created them to be humorous but informative - they're all about providing help and advice, not about putting the fear of death into anyone.  Click on the link to see how we got on...

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