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New E Type Experiences

Car makers have, of course, continued to make sports cars since the E Type was launched in 1961. But it's probably fair to say that they haven't really made a better looking one. Despite a lot of trying.

The E Type's flowing bodywork and superlong bonnet are just two of the reasons why it remains one of the most desirable classic cars in the world. It regularly tops polls of the most beautiful cars, beating Ferraris and Alfa Romeos and other exotica.

All of which explains why we've added a hole new range of E Type Experiences to our product range. Starting at just £99, you can now drive an E Type on open roads free of nannying instructors and windswept airfields.

The new experiences enable you to try one E Type or all three of our cars - or compare the E Type to the Jaguars that influenced it and which it, in turn, influenced. You can even put it back to back with its arch nemesis, the Porsche 911.

All of our E Type Experiences are unique. We use our own fleet of cars, based at our site in the Midlands and maintained by our in-house workshop. To find out more click here or call 01527 893733.



01527 893733

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