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New Ford Capri Advice Film

Since the lockdown we've been constantly working on new ideas that will keep our customers as safe as possible during these difficult times.

That approach has enabled us to achieve the hospitality and tourism sector's Good to Go Industry Standard. But we wanted to go further, to find specific initiatives unique to our business.

Our latest initiatives is our Car Advice Films. They explain the main characteristics and controls of our cars so that customers can get familiar with each car well before they arrive to drive them. This helps cut down significantly on the face-to-face contact on site, but also means that when they arrive and when they get the keys they are ready to go. So they can start enjoying the cars from the very first turn of the key.

The new Advice Films are part of a wider initiative to cut down on face-to-face contact. So we have also created general advice films, that explain common characteristics of old cars, and individual car guides that can be downloaded and printed by customers. The new Advice Films are just another way to help communicate these things to customers before they arrive and collect the keys.

Great Driving Days is the only classic car hire company that offers these services. but we think they're really important. I hope you find them useful. Here's the first Advice Film one on the Ford Capri.

To find out more about our COVID response and customer resources CLICK HERE

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