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New Malvern Hills Road Trips

The Malvern Hills are one of the loveliest - and most unusual - spots in the Midlands, a slice of Alps-like scenery dropped on the edge of the Vale of Evesham. We like it so much that we've developed two new Road Trips through the region.

The Malverns is a ribbon of steep hills that mark a dividing line between the flat plains of the Vale of Evesham and the rolling Worcestershire and Herefordshire countryside towards the Welsh Borders. The geography means that there hills have avoided development so remain much as they were when the Victorians began frequenting them as a weekend spa retreat. Since those days the area has receded into quiet gentility so you can still enjoy the wonderfully retro sleepy Victorian spa town of Malvern and the roads around the Hills without encountering too many people and cars. You can find out more about the region with our guide to the Malvern Hills.

Our new Half Day and Full Day Road Trips complement our existing Cotswolds and Welsh Borders trips and provide an introduction to this oft-overlooked area. They give you the chance to meandering around this region in 3 or 5 cars. We combine the trip with carefully picked roads to and from the Malverns that give you a chance to really enjoy the scenery and explore the capability of our fleet of classic cars.

Malvern Hills Full Day Road Trip Route

Like our other Road Trips we limit numbers to 6 people for the 3-car, half day trips and 10 people for the 5-car, full day trips. This means that every driver will drive each car we take out. The trips are structured to appeal to driving pairs, whether two drivers or a driver and passenger, and we provide very simple guided routes that take the stress out of navigating. There are regular stops for car changes, refreshments, comfort stops and food and every trip is accompanied by our experienced event team.

Malvern Hills Half Day Road Trip Route

Every Great Driving Day Road Trip is based on all-inclusive pricing - fuel for the route, insurance for the driver and event resources like the route guides and support crew are all included.

You can find out more about our new Malvern Hills Full Day Road Trip by clicking here, and our Half Day Road Trip by clicking here. Or view all of our Road Trips here.


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