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Classic cars are not just about what you're driving, but where you're driving. That's why in 2012 I evolved Great Driving Days from a conventional 'classic car hire' business into one that gives you much more of an experience: the where as well as the what.

We still do classic car hire but it now represents less than 5% of what we. Which suggests that what you want is a classic car experience.

To deliver the excitement and interest that lies behind a great classic car experience of course requires work. As well as constantly improving our hire fleet to bring new cars in better condition, much of our time is spent devising new packages and new places to drive our cars.

Luckily we are perfectly placed to access some really good roads across Wales, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and of course the Cotswolds. For the 2021 season we've introduced a brand new route through the Cotswolds: the 100 mile Cotswolds Loop.

The new route is designed to open up a different part of the Cotswolds to our popular Cotswolds Highlights Tour. It heads further south towards the beautiful Slaughters, using off-the-beaten track roads to deliver mostly traffic-free driving with superb views.

Developing new Road Trip routes is, dare we say it, a bit of an art. Over the decade we've been running these experience we've learnt what makes a good route - and in particular how to communicate it to customers so that it is easy to follow. Because our Road Trips use good old fashioned hard copy mapping rather than satnavs. Maps are more engaging (they encourage interaction between driver and passenger), more in keeping with the Road Trip ethos and better suited to classic cars. And they give you a real sense of where you are as you're travelling.

A good route needs to be varied, easy to follow and scenic. It needs to avoid traffic hot spots and it needs regular breaks to change cars. It needs a very good lunch stop and ideally a coffee break too. And loos. It needs to be safe, with a minimum of awkward turns. It needs to be new - taking customers to places they might not otherwise find.

The new Cotswolds Loop delivers all on all of those criteria. It follows a 100 mile circuit across the Vale of Evesham, up to Broadway Tower and then across to Shipston and Stow on the Wold before dropping down to beautiful Lower Slaughter for lunch. Then it's back across the Cotswolds hills to Snowshill, down to Broadway and then round lovely Bredon Hill to Pershore and back to base.

A good route, some decent route guides and some nice cars do not, however, make a Road Trip. The final ingredient is how we run them. Our experienced team knows what is required to ensure events run smoothly and to time. So we think about the big things - like providing a spare car on a trailer in case of breakdowns - and we focus on the little things, such as ensuring there's always a plentiful supply of water in the cars to keep everyone cool on hot days.

We'll be rolling out the new Cotswolds Loop on our Sports Car Road Trip and Drop Top Road Trip for 2021 and then more widely in 2022. Every Road Trip is designed for driver and passenger and prices start at just £199 for a driver on our 3-car Half Day Road Trips.

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Graham Eason, Great Driving Days. 01527 893733

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