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New Road Trips for 2021

We're as keen to put 2020 behind us as everyone else. We all need something to look forward to so we've been working away at making 2021 as good as we can possibly make it.

The first fruits of our brain bashing sessions are two new road trips: The Sports Car Tour and the Drop Top Tour. They do exactly what they say: put you behind the wheel of five great classic cars. We curate the route through some beautiful Cotswolds countryside, you grab the keys and drive.

Sports Car Road Trip

Nippy, engaging and fun - cars that meet those simple criteria make it onto our Sports Car Road Trip. So for just £249 per driver (or £130 for passengers) you get to drive five of our our favourite cars from the Great Driving Day fleet: Jaguar E Type, Fiat X1/9, Alfa Romeo Spider, Porsche Boxster and Ford Capri 2.8. Five very different cars that put the sporting into motoring.

You'll drive on a 100 mile hand-picked route through the Cotswolds on quiet country roads that get you away from the tourist hoards. The new experience is run from April to October in 2021 on certain dates. To find out more click here. Or click on the link below and use code SPORTS20 to save 20%.

Drop Top Road Trip

For a small island battered by rain and wind we buy an awful lot of convertible cars. But drop the roof on a great classic car amidst some of our beautiful rolling scenery and the reason is very clear. Drop top cars just make driving through our green and pleasant land oh so much better.

Our new Drop Top Road Trip is all about that. Four great classic convertibles and one interloper - our ever-popular Jaguar E Type. Because everyone had to drive an E Type.

The drive runs 100 miles through the rolling Cotswolds countryside, picking out some of our favourite driving roads that really show off the beauty of this scenic region. You'll drive an Alfa Romeo Spider, Porsche Boxster, Fiat X1/9, Mazda MX5 and the Jaguar E Type. To find out more CLICK HERE or use the link below. Use code DROP20 to save 20% now.

These two new road trips are part of our range of exclusive classic car driving experiences. Prices start at just £49.

Great Driving Days is Good to Go certified and our experiences are based on strict 'family bubble' principles. To find out more about how we keep you safe, CLICK HERE.

For more information on what we do call 01527 893733, use the Chat function or email info@greatdrivingdays.co.uk.

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