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Our 5 Favourite Dad Cars

Dads get a rough deal. There's how they dance, their clothes and then there's the rabbiting on about 'the good old days.'. But once a year we get to celebrate them. And against a backdrop of a world in seeming turmoil, this year on Father's Day - June 19th in case you'd forgotten - is a welcome chance to raise a glass to family and positive stuff.

The great thing about many Dads is not just their embarrassing boogieing and their unfathomable enthusiasm for drills and hammers and bits of wood, but the cars they love. Not the ones they drive, but the ones they want to drive. Even Dads with only a passing interest in cars have a car they fondly remember or dream of driving.

We've picked five of the best - not ones that the rest of the family might be embarrassed to be seen in, but the ones that are just, quite simply, great. The real-world cars that unite dads and their lads - and daughters - in the joy of Good Times. They're a chance for shared experiences - and as we know from our driving experiences, that's something joyful to behold.

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Ford Capri

For many Dad's of a certain age the Capri is part of their DNA. It's popularity isn't hard to understand. 'The car you always promised yourself' was built in high numbers for a long time and in many, many different variants - so there was always a Capri, new or old, to suit virtually any budget. It was practical for four - whether family or mates - and easy to own, since under the skin it was a Ford Cortina.

And, of course, it was huge fun. What it lacked in sophistication the rear-drive Capri more than made up for in bangs for buck. Roundabouts were its plaything, a place where even humble 1300s could get tail happy, just like Bodie & Doyle off the telly.

The Capri tops this list because at Great Driving Days we've seen time and again just how much joy it brings to people. Tears of happiness are regular occurrences when we reunite grown men with the car of their dreams.

It's also a car that customers generally share with all their family, which in the current times is something we really need to celebrate.

Jaguar E Type

Just look at it. The E Type wasn't designed to be beautiful, which makes the fact that it is all the more alluring. Its combination of grace and pace puts it at the top of most classic car polls even 45 years after it went out of production. It's a car that Jaguar has tried - and mostly failed - to replicate in the intervening decades.

The E Type is, therefore, for some the ultimate Dad Car. Whereas rivals from Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin are simply unattainable, the E Type is still in the realms of possibility. Which is why it makes this list.

And what a car it is. The Porsche 911 may run rings around it dynamically but the German car lacks the E Type's character and that unique view down the long, long bonnet. The E Type is pure theatre, whether from the driver's seat or the pavement.

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DeLorean DMC-12

We've written elsewhere about how rubbish our old DeLorean hire car was, but that doesn't stop us admitting that it's still great and we'd still have another one (even if just as a static display).

When the DeLorean arrived in the early 80s it was a glimpse of a stainless steel future, a new world far from the miners' strikes and Thatcher ranting. It really hit its stride though as the start of the Back to the Future movies, a trio of films that were obligatory viewing for all Dads of a certain age.

For all its faults, the DeLorean is the key to another world - a glamorous, parallel universe where doors open upwards and 88 mph is the key to another dimension.

Ford Mustang

Before the American Dream began to disintegrate, for 30 or 40 years after the Second World War the USA was the Gold Standard for life, a world of freedom and limitless possibility. No car represented that better than the original Ford Mustang.

And in those times no man quite represented the epitome of Perfect Dad than Steve McQueen. So when he drove a Mustang in Bullitt - and lets not forget, McQueen actually drove it, not stunt men - for many Dads it brought together two of their very favourite things.

Times may have changed but those memories haven't. The Mustang is a big hunk of America, a world of Route 66, Drive-Ins and freedom. And what Dad doesn't want a little bit of that?

Austin Allegro

Titter ye not. The Allegro represents a portal back to Dad's childhood, a celebration of family and youth and possibility.

Many cars could have filled this slot - Cortinas, Sierras, Marinas, Maxis and Cavaliers, the list of motoring vanilla that filled Dad's parents driveway is long and, unfortunately, not very varied. But it's important to celebrate because nostalgia gets Dads talking, and too often they don't do that very much. So we can't think of many better ways to celebrate Fathers Day than a family trip out in an Allegro, a car that creates laughter and tears wherever it goes.


So those are our five favourite Dad Wheels. Our classic car driving experiences are all designed to share - on many of them, passengers go free - so they're popular with dads sharing memories with their families. Prices start at just £39 and right now there's 15% off our Lockdown Bargains. Buy by 18th June for delivery by Fathers Day. Buy online or call 01527 893733

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