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Our Experiences: A Quick Guide

At Great Driving Days we do classic car hire a little differently. Rather than just being a sort of classic car version of Hertz we believe in adding more to the experience of driving your favourite classic cars. We're the only company doing what we do so we realise that, if you haven't hired from us before, you may have some questions.

This article tries to answer those questions.

What do we do?

Most companies that hire out classic cars either provide a classic version of regular car hire - where you rent the car for a day or more - or they provide experiences on private airfields or race tracks.

We are different.

If you want conventional classic car hire, where you rent one car for a day, a week or a weekend, then we do exactly that. We call it Daily Hire. It starts at 24 hrs use and just £199. And you can find it here. This option works well if you know what you want to do with the car or perhaps you already know the local area or you just want to immerse yourself in one chosen car. We've been offering this experience since 2006 and we have 20 cars to choose from. FIND OUT MORE.

For customers who want the experience of one car but would like a little extra then we have evolved the traditional classic car hire experience to create our popular Driving Trails packages. Driving Trails work like conventional classic car hire - where you drive one car for an extended time - but they are a more complete package because they include a choice of local touring routes plus the fuel to drive them. Driving Trails are available for half days - four hours - or full days - eight hours - so you don't have the hassle of finding secure overnight parking or booking a local hotel. FIND OUT MORE

In 2012 we realised that some customers wanted a shorter classic car 'hit' and they also wanted to drive more than one car in a day. Because often a little of what you love is just enough. We hit on the idea of the 'Golden Hour' - the first 60 minute drive in a classic that is often the most memorable. 60 minutes gives you long enough to master it whilst retaining the joy of that first experience.



No windswept airfields, no nannying instructors: just you, the car & the open road

Passengers go free on most experiences

Prices from just £49

Proper time in your chosen car - not just a few minutes on a track

Choice of 20 classic cars from the 1960s to 1990s

Based in Worcestershire near Junction 5 of the M5


Our popular Classic Taster 60 Minute experiences and our multi-car Road Trips are all built on the simple Golden Hour idea. The Classic Tasters give you 60 Minutes in your choice of cars from our fleet over your choice of quiet 20 mile country drives. Unlike similarly priced trackday experiences there are no nannying instructors and no windswept airfields with cones: just you, the car, quiet open roads and your choice of passengers (who can all go free). For the equivalent price of a few minutes on a track you get a full hour in your chosen car. Classic Tasters start at just £49 and are available for any of our 20 cars. We also offer a range of multi-car tasters where you can take out several cars in succession. FIND OUT MORE

Road Trips are the 'big daddy' of our experiences, multi-car drives that put you behind the wheel of several cars over a carefully chosen route through the Cotswolds, Malvern Hills or across to Wales. You get 60 minutes driving in each car and we run full day - eight hour - and half day - four hour - experiences that let you drive five or three cars respectively. Each trip allows use of a wide range of our cars but always includes an E Type. Prices start at just £199 for drivers and £80 for passengers. FIND OUT MORE

What cars do we have?

We run a fleet of 20 classic cars that cover a wide range of marques and models from the 1960s to 1990s. The fleet is designed to be diverse so that if you choose to drive multiple cars you'll experience several very different cars.

You can view our full fleet here. We are adding to our fleet all the time. If you're interested in a particular car and can't find it, let us know by emailing info@greatdrivingdays.co.uk.



Well we aim for everyone! But here's a list of our typical customers...

Partners - our experiences aren't just for petrol heads. The scenery, the socialising all make the day more than just about cars

Lads & Dads - a passion shared is a passion doubled. Dads bring their boys for a great shared experience

Friends & Family - several of our cars seat four so our experiences are a great day out for friends & family

Mates - getting together has been harder over the last 2 years. Our experiences are a great way to share a great day out between friends


Who can drive?

We automatically accept any driver who meets the criteria below. If you fall outside this criteria, don't worry - we can usually insure you on referral. Contact us on info@greatdrivingdays.co.uk.

  • Aged 25 to 75 inclusive

  • No more than 6 points on licence

  • UK, Eur, USA, NZ, Aus, Can licences

  • Minimum 2 years driving licence

How do the Classic Taster 60 Minute Experiences work?

Our Taster experiences are very simple. The driver gets a 60 minute time slot to drive the car. There are several different 20 mile routes to choose from, all of which take you on quiet country roads through the beautiful Worcestershire countryside on the edge of the Cotswolds. The route is explained using a very simple, easy to follow guide that you get to keep. Before you head off we provide a full familiarisation and briefing session to ensure you're happy driving the car. If passengers can fit in the car, bring them along - there is no extra charge.

Alongside our single-car Tasters we offer an exclusive range of multi-car trips that enable you to experience two or more cars.

Prices start at just £49 and fuel and insurance are included.

Tasters are run every Monday and Friday between April and October plus at least one full weekend every month. can be booked easily online or by phone or email. FIND OUT MORE

How do the Road Trips work?

Imagine driving a range of classic cars over a specially developed route through some of Britain's most beautiful countryside.... that is what our Road Trips deliver. There is a choice of full day or half day trips. Full day experience typically cover 100-200 miles in a choice of five different cars over eight hours while half day experiences are 70 miles and three cars over four hours. Destinations include the Cotswolds, Malvern Hills and Wales.

Road Trips are designed as days to share so we offer driver and passenger places. They are popular with mates having a day out, dads and their lads and of course partners getting away for a day. We limit each trip to five cars and 10 people and the social experience is one of the really nice aspects of this package. Drivers typically get 60 minutes driving in each car before stopping to swap cars, a process that is managed by our Events Team that accompanies every trip.

Each Road Trip is accompanied by a clear and simple route guide that is designed to make driving the trip easy and stress free. Customers regularly comment on just how easy it is to follow. Fuel and insurance are included and we stop regularly for breaks ad refreshments.

We provide a range of cars on each Road Trip but always include an E Type. Due to the nature of the experience - you are sharing cars with up to four other pairs - it is not always possible to honour requests for specific cars, but we always do our best to provide a mix of cars and also to meet any specific requests.

Road Trip prices start at just £199 per driver or £80 per passenger and fuel and insurance are included. FIND OUT MORE

Where are you based?

We are conveniently located just off Junction 5 of the M5 in Worcestershire on the edge of countryside. We can deliver cars nationwide but you may find this works out much more expensive than travelling to us and booking a hotel.

Why Choose Great Driving Days?

We don't like to blow our own trumpets but what we do is unique. No other company offers what we do. We do what we do because we enjoy it and we want to share it.

To help your decision making, here are some other reasons to choose Great Driving Days for your driving gift.

  1. No windswept airfields - instead of driving around cones you'll be on quiet, open roads with no pressure. Just drive as fast or as slow as you want

  2. No nannying instructors - we'll make sure you're safe to drive but we don't sit in the car with you. So you can drive how you like and bring the passengers you choose

  3. Choice of 20 classic cars - we have classics from the 1960s to 1990s including many cars not available elsewhere

  4. Prices from £49 - choose our way to drive with our unique range of four different driving packages

  5. The complete gift - most of our experiences are a complete package, so there is nothing extra to buy - like fuel - or organise - like where to go. But if you prefer to do that you can with our Daily Hire experiences

  6. Great value - we think our experiences stack up well compared to the few minutes and few miles you get circling around some cones on an airfield

  7. 16 years in the business - we've been hiring our classic cars since 2006

  8. Vouchers valid for 12 months - if you need to extend it, you can

  9. Lots of choice - within our four different packages there are many, many individual experiences.

  10. Here to help - if you want help choosing feel free to use the Chat box, email us at info@greatdrivingdays.co.uk or call 01527 893733

I hope that has helped you decide if Great Driving Days is for you. We are here to help so please feel free to ask any question via the Chat box, email or phone.

Graham Eason. Great Driving Days. 01527 893733

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