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Our First Ever Virtual Car Meet

Between April and October every year we run a monthly car meet for local - and not so local - enthusiasts. It's a chance for anyone who loves anything on two, four or more wheels to get together and share the passion in a relaxed and informal environment.

Classics & Coffee regularly attracts several hundred cars. But, of course, for the first meet of 2020 we've had to cancel due to the lockdown. So we invited everyone to send in their car images to create a virtual meet. It's not as good as the real thing - there are no bacon baps for one thing - but it's the next best thing.

When we put out the request for photos we didn't know what would happen. But we were inundated. In a good way. And the great thing about the photos we've gathered is that they really do reflect the diversity of Classics & Coffee - from bikes to vans, classics to moderns and supercars.

So sit back and enjoy a cavalcade of metal that is the April 2020 Virtual Classics & Coffee.

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