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The Birmingham Clean Air Zone

On 1st June 2021 Birmingham began operating a city centre ‘clean air’ zone, similar to the ones already operating in Bristol and London.

This initiative, which is intended to cut congestion and improve air quality in the motor city, means that if you plan to drive one of our cars within the city’s ring road, you need to check with us first if it is compliant, exempt or subject to penalties.

The new zone applies within the city’s ring road - approximately 2 miles around the centre of Birmingham. There are clear signs and warnings before you enter the zone.

Most classic cars that are categorised as ‘historic’ are exempt from the charge. This generally covers cars over 40 years old. However, since rules change and so does our fleet, please email info@greatdrivingdays.co.uk if you intend to drive in the centre of Birmingham and want to check the status of the classic car you will be driving.

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