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We made a film about our Trevi

Alongside the popular classics that we run on the Great Driving Days classic car hire fleet, we also have a handful of less familiar cars that we run for our own enjoyment. Like this Lancia Trevi.

The Trevi may look like a posh, squashed Ford Cortina but there's much more to it than that. Beneath it's sober-suited, three-box styling lies an interior straight from planet crazy. Created by industrial designer Mario Bellini, it ignores convention in favour of a totally clean sheet approach to car interior design.

OUr Trevi is one of just three or four left on UK roads and we've owned it for a couple of years. It came to us as a project, without MOT and not running terribly well. So our Classic Fixers workshop sorted it out and we've run it 'as is' ever since.

The Trevi makes occasional outings on our corporate events, but mostly it's a weekend plaything. Here's the film.

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