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We Say 'I Don't' To Weddings

Self drive wedding cars have become big business. More and more grooms are deciding that it's time the chauffeur no longer had all the fun: they want to use their big day to tick off one of their dream drives.

At Great Driving Days we've provided a lot of cars for a lot of weddings. Probably hundreds. For a while weddings represented about 30% of our business.

No more. From October 2020 we specifically exclude hire of our classic cars for wedding use.

Why? Since self drive weddings are on the rise and represent an important market, why are we doing this?

Put simply, we don't need the hassle. Wedding hires generally involve odd hire times, usually to a budget. They incur high mileages - because customers usually aren't local - and that puts a lot of strain on our cars. And, despite having our own workshop, old cars like to do what old cars like to do. Throw the occasional wobbly. Which tends to cause a great deal of upset to anyone in a white dress or posh suit.

Our cars are extremely reliable, even by classic car hire standards, and we make the risks of old cars very clear in everything we do. Incidents of breakdowns for weddings are rare. But there is no escaping that when things do go wrong, weddings are the only occasions when our team is verbally harangued. We don't need that stress.

There's another reason. Put simply, we don't need to do wedding hire. Our business is classic driving experiences. The cars customers want for weddings tend to be the most popular ones for these experiences. Hiring out our cars for weddings means they're not available on weekends when we need them for road trips and 60 minute experiences.

So that's it. Goodbye weddings. There are plenty of classic car hire companies who do provide cars for weddings, including some very good ones that provide chauffeur hire services.

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