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Why Choose Great Driving Days?

Buying gifts is, we realise, one of those things that starts out full of excitement but quickly dwindles into frustration as you try to match what's in your head to what Google searches throw up.

Although our experiences are also popular with women, at Great Driving Days we realise this can be a particular problem when looking for gifts for men. It can be easy to lose the will to live after sifting through yet another array of 'humorous' dad mugs & T shirts, shaving sets, hand-tooled wallets and bracelets and gardening ephemera.

So if you've found us - and obviously you have - we want to make it as easy as possible to decide if what we do is for you. Or the person you're buying for. We recognise that if you're buying a driving experience for someone you may not be that into cars yourself. So we've put aside the petrol head stuff and kept it straightforward.

In this article we answer the main questions we get asked by customers looking for driving gifts and explain why choosing us is - well we would say this wouldn't we? - The Right Choice!

What Do We Do?

We've created a separate article - it doesn't take long to read - that covers what we do. You can find that here. There are four simple ways to hire depending on how much you want to spend and how you want to drive. Prices start at £49.

You Choose How To Drive

Our driving experiences are designed to be flexible so you choose how you want to drive. Rather than rigid periods of 24 hrs at a time we offer experiences starting at 60 minutes. We also offer four hour and eight hour experiences as well as full 24 hr drives.

You can also choose to drive one car for as little or as long as you like - or pick multiple cars to drive. Click here to find out more.

How Much Does it Cost?

Prices start at just £49 for our 60 Minute Classic Tasters. Most of our experiences are in the £49 to £199 range, but we do offer experiences up to £999.

We've made our website as easy to use as possible. Click here to see our best sellers, new arrivals and gifts under £100.

You can choose to buy a specific experience or buy a voucher for a set amount, leaving it to the recipient to choose how they spend it. Everything we do is available to buy securely online here.

Why Choose Us?

We are the only company doing what we do. Other classic car experience companies either offer rigid and traditional classic car hire - for periods of 24 hrs or more, usually costing hundreds of pounds - or they operate on airfields or race tracks.

We are more flexible. And cheaper. You can hire from 60 minutes and you can drive multiple cars in one day. And we only operate on public roads. No windswept airfields and no instructors. Race tracks and instructors have their place, but with classic cars our customers tell us they prefer a more relaxed experience.

Our experiences are designed to be taken at the customer's own pace - as fast or as slow as you like.

They're also designed to be shared - most of our experiences include passengers for free, or for a small extra charge. There's something for the driver - driving the car - and for the passenger - the experience plus the scenery and socialising.

Our Hire Fleet is Unique

Most classic car hire companies only offer classics from the 1960s and 70s, cars that are now nearly 50 years old. We do have cars like that. But we also have newer models from the 80s and 90s that are easier to drive and appeal to younger drivers. You can view our full fleet of 20 cars here.

Who Receives our Gift Vouchers?

We serve all kinds of customers but to give you a flavour of who our experiences appeal to - and how they work - here are a few examples:

  • Lads & Dads - an experienced shared is an experience magnified and that really applies when we see dads bring along their lads for a driving experience. If smiles could be measured in pounds, we'd be millionaires!

  • Couples - we design our experiences to share and so we get a lot of couples coming along. Often the non-driving partner will tell us afterwards how they weren't that interested, but that they came away really enjoying the day because of the scenery and the socialising

  • Mates - maintaining friendships in our busy lives isn't always easy and over the last couple of years getting together has been harder than ever. So we really love to see old friends getting together for a shared drive - a chance to chat and banter as the scenery rolls by

  • Family & Friends - our experiences are ideally suited to larger groups of friends and family. Several of our cars are four seaters and the mix and match nature of our Road Trips suits groups getting together

Although our experiences work well for people coming along with other people, they work equally well for solo drivers. There is a great social aspect to the experiences and we work to ensure nobody is left out.

We structure our experiences so that they work for these type of customers, including offering free passenger places on most experiences or low cost passenger options.

How Does it Work?

We keep things simple. Once you've bought your voucher - which we can send by email or post - it's valid for 12 months. You can choose the start date. The recipient can then visit our website to book their experience on their chosen date. Or call 01527 893733, use the Chat function or email info@greatdrivingdays.co.uk.

We need some paperwork in advance - this is explained clearly when you book - and then just turn up on the day and time you've chosen. We'll provide a full briefing for your chosen experience.

Still Need Convincing?

I hope that this article has given you a flavour of what we do and how we're different. But nobody says it better than our own customers. Click on the link to view our customers talking about what we do.

Thanks for reading. IF you have any questions at all please feel free to message us on our Chat box, email info@greatdrivingdays.co.uk or call 01527 893733.


Graham Eason, Great Driving Days. 01527 893733

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