If you're not sure what experience to buy, a fixed price voucher is a great solution.  It lets you choose how much you want to spend and enables the recipient to choose how they spend it.


Every voucher is valid for 12 months and there are no processing costs or delivery fees.  You can even choose a personalised message.  We deliver vouchers by post or email, just let us know how quickly you need it - we usually despatch within 48 hrs.

A £100 voucher can be put torwards any of our driving experiences.  But it's also enough to buy experiences outright without extra cost - such as our Classic Tasters. 

£100 experience voucher

  • Your £100 fixed value voucher can be spent on any driving experience.  Experiences vary.  


    Road Trips - full and half day driving days from £149/driver

    Classic Tasters - 60 minute driving experiences from £39

    Daily Car Hire - 24 hrs or more in your choice of classic car, from £199



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