Forget traffic jams and contraflows, dawdling drivers and endless traffic lights.  Our road trips put all that in the rear view mirror as you escape on quiet country roads in some great classic cars of the last 50 years.

The idea is simple.  Join us and a small group of like-minded enthusiasts as we head for the countryside the bother the wildlife in a range of Jaguars, Porsches, MGs, Alfas and Triumph cars. You'll drive between 3 and 5 of them depending on the trip you choose.  There are 8 routes to choose from, from leisurely Cotswolds drives to 200-mile runs into Wales. 

Choose between 3-car Half Day trips or 5-car Full Day trips.  O:ur Full Day Road Trips give you the option of Standard or Premium routes starting at £199. 

Whether you choose a half day, 3-car trip or a full day, 5-car trip, everything is done for you.  We hand pick the route, we manage the cars and stay nearby throughout the day. 

A Great Escape road trip is great to share.  You can join as a driver or passenger.  


Half Day Road Trips from £149

3-car, 4 hour driving experiences with 60 mile routes

Standard Full Day Road Trips from £199

5-car, 8 hour driving experiences with 100 mile routes

Premium Full Day Road Trips from £229

5-car, 8 hour driving experiences with 100 mile route & entry to an attraction or 200 mile route