Getting behind the wheel of your favourite classic car need not break the bank.  For under £100 you can drive any of our cars on our unique Classic Taster experiences.

Each experience includes 60 minutes behind the wheel, driving along quiet, country roads.  No bumpy track, no nannying instructor, just a simple route and the company of friends and family (they can join you for free).

Choose your level of experience - from Silver, Gold or E Type then pick the car you want to drive.  Choose one car or pick one of our multi-car experiences. 

There are over 20 iconic classics to drive froom the 1950s to 1990s, including Jaguars, Porsches, MGs, Fiat and Alfa Romeos. 


Our Classic Tasters let you experience your dream car without breaking the bank.  Just turn up, grab they keys and enjoy a trip in your favourite classic car.  

From just £39 you get a 20 mile country drive in a choice of over 20 classics, including Jaguars, Porsches and MGs.  Each Taster includes a guided 45-60 minute experience on quiet country roads.  Drive one car or take advantage of our multi-car discounts.  Friends and family can join you too, at no extra cost.

So no boring tracks, no nannying instructors, just the open road in the company of friends and family in an iconic classic from the last 60 years. 

Classic Tasters are run on certain dates during the year.  Scroll down to find out more